Psychology Prepares for a Return to Campus

Elliott Hall tree enterance

The Department of Psychology will have a different feel this fall following the return to campus on August 2, 2021. We still expect to continue our high quality and responsive level of service for our students, staff, and faculty, but how we do so may look different from pre-pandemic times given our adoption of the University’s new approach to flexible work. Under the new approach, we believe that work is not a place. Rather, work is what we do in furtherance of our mission.

Starting this fall, employees will have a variety of options available for flexible work, including more flexible schedules and opportunities for increased remote work. While decisions on individual flexible work arrangements will be considered in tandem with the responsibilities of one’s position, we anticipate that many more faculty and staff will work remotely with greater regularity. However, as a land-grant, brick-and-mortar institution, we are committed to ongoing, in-person teaching, research, and service, so you can still expect a regular on-site presence in Elliott Hall. That will be enhanced, though, by continued access to faculty and staff through email, Zoom, and other remote methods of communication. Be prepared to email us this fall, in addition to stopping by to say hi!

What we know at this time about the fall return to campus:  

  • A Department plan for flexible work will be in place by August 2, 2021.  Work.  With flexibility.
  • The first day of classes is Tuesday, September 7th, 2021.
  • We will contact students with further information on orientation as it becomes available.
  • Face-to-face research has resumed - see available research participation opportunities on our Research Opportunites webpage.
  • Courses
    • We are opening more opportunities for students to take PSY 1001 online
    • We will offer courses online and in-person
  • Additions to the department
    • Dr. Marti Gonzales is replacing Dr. Moin Syed as the Director of Undergraduate Studies
    • Dr. Amanda Woodward will join our faculty this fall, teaching statistics and other courses.
    • We have 20 new PhD students joining us this year.
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