Connecting to Qualitative Tools

Connecting to CLA-Provided Qualitative Tools
Windows Terminal Server (WTS) is used to connect to CLA-provided data analysis software, including Atlas.ti, Stata, SPSS, SAS, and ArcGIS. Instructions for how to set WTS up on a Windows or Mac computer can be found at  

After following the instructions, you will create a remote connection to the University’s computer servers and open a virtual Windows desktop. (You can also access these resource off-campus through a VPN connection.) Once connected to the remote desktop, you can find the software on the Start Menu.

To best access your data while connected to the WTS, store what you need on your University H-drive (Home). This network drive can be 'mapped' onto your personal computer for access by following these instructions.

Finally, on Windows computers, to ensure access to your H-drive while connected remotely, set that option in your Remote Desktop Connection client. Go to Options, then Local Resources, then 'More' under local Devices and Resources, and then check the 'Drives' box, as illustrated here:

With this all in place, you can host your research materials on the secure University H-drive and access CLA-provided data analysis software from your personal computer anywhere with an internet connection.