Research development staff provide services including exploring potential funding opportunities, supporting application development, developing data management plans, assisting with application submission and providing research development workshops and trainings.  Connect with the CLA research team at

Name Contact

Michelle Andrews

GIS Research Support Professional

Michael Beckstrand

Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research Associate

Alexandra K. Brown

Arts and Humanities Research Development Coordinator

Philip Burton

Neuroimaging Research Assistant

Tessa Cicak

Digital Materials and Collections Researcher

Jennifer Coffman

Administrative Project Coordinator / Research Specialist

Christy Dickinson

Grant Management Coordinator

David Hahn

Research Data Systems Engineer

Alicia Hofelich Mohr

Research Support Coordinator

Judy Kallestad

System Engineer

Thomas Lindsay

Director for Advancing Research

Ann Meier

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs

Pernu Menheer

Research Project Programmer

David Olsen

Research Systems Engineer

Taylor Olson

Tier 2 Support Coordinator

Chris Opsal

Social Sciences Research Development Coordinator

Sam Porter

Research Project Specialist

Chris Scherr

System Engineer, Computing and Engineering Team

Joel Turbes

Research Computing Coordinator

Robert Wozniak

Infrastructure Coordinator

Eric Wunderlin

System Engineer