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From Multiracial Children to Climate Change: What Demographers are Finding

Jack DeWaard and Carolyn Liebler's research was featured in a Pew Research Center article following the Population Association of America's Annual Meetings. When two people of different races have a child together, how do they choose to identify the race of their child on census forms? What role does climate change make in predicting future migration?
Photo of Professor Chris Uggen standing in the Ramsey County Courthouse

Felon Voting Rights - Human Rights or Patrician Ploy

As the movement to remove restrictions on voting for former prison inmates takes hold across the country, some are spectulating that it may be a politicial ploy to increase the number of voters. At the forefront of this is Chris Uggen and his cutting edge research on fellon disenfranchisement. Outlets such as the BBC, ABC News, and This Week with George Stephanopoulis, and soon to be aired The Daily Show, have sought out Chris for his opinions on the subject.
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FRIDAY, APRIL 22 we celebrate student research on panels, in discussion groups, or with poster presentations. Graduate and Undergraduate students are encouraged to present their works-in-progress and/or finished projects on all topics — our goal is to showcase a broad range of research and to promote engaged discussion. Questions? Email:

Rosella Selmini named President of the European Society of Criminology

Professor Selmini is a contract Associate Professor and Research Associate in our department. The Society (ECS) aims to bring together in Europe persons actively engaged in research, teaching and/or practice in the field of Criminology. She is currently teaching Criminal Behavior and Social Control and Gangs & Youth Violence Across the World.