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Alumni Stories

Our alumni are involved in a variety of fields, including industry and academia. Hear about their experiences both as students in the department and their life post-graduation.

Photograph of Nanee Lee-Workman, who is sitting on a stone bench and is positioned facing the camera. Trees dot the background.

Nahee Lee-Workman

Spanish and Portuguese student Nahee Lee-Workman has found success at 3M with her CLA-based knowledge and skills. While at the University she studied abroad in Brazil, learned how to understand cultural and linguistic differences among Spanish and Portuguese speakers, and learned the value of networking in order to advance her career.
Photo of Julia Potach

A Global Student

Recent CLA grad and Fulbright Scholar Julia Potach studied both Spanish and Global Studies and served on the Spanish and Portuguese Undergraduate Studies Committee, and participated in service-learning opportunities and study abroad internships.