Prof Ferreira talking with students

Hispanic Linguistics Focus

The program in Hispanic Linguistics provides students with the opportunity to approach traditional core areas of linguistics, such as phonology and syntax, with the perspectives offered by areas which have typically focused on language in context, such as sociolinguistics, pragmatics, language contact, and second language acquisition.
In the past several years, the Hispanic linguistics faculty has formed a research initiative that examines the ways in which different aspects of linguistics and the linguistic system interface with each other as well as the connections that exist between linguistics and other disciplines.

Our linguistics core includes:

  • The Structure of Modern Spanish: Phonology
  • Theoretical Foundations of Spanish Syntax
  • Structure of Modern Spanish: Pragmatics
  • Spanish Sociolinguistics
  • Spanish Language Contact
  • Spanish Laboratory Phonology
  • History of Ibero-Romance
  • Topics in Ibero-Romance Linguistics
  • Sociolinguistic Perspectives on Spanish in the United States
  • The Acquisition of Spanish as a First and Second Language

Literatures & Cultures Focus

The Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies has a strong tradition of fostering socio-historical perspectives in the study of culture. We emphasize global Hispanic and Lusophone studies while being attentive to the multidimensional relationships between language and culture, as well as the legacy of colonialisms that continue to inform regional and national histories. 
The Literatures and Cultures area components are closely integrated, so that students may follow courses of study involving the various fields. The close integration of these areas makes this department unique in the United States.

Department coursework options include:

  • Portuguese Literary and Cultural Studies
  • Brazilian Literary and Cultural Studies
  • Literatures and Cultures of Lusophone Africa
  • Topics in Lusophone Cultures and Literatues
  • Topics in Brazilian Literature
  • Hispanic Literature of the United States
  • Caribbean Literature: An Integral Approach
  • Global Colonial Studies in the Hispanic World
  • Nineteenth Century Latin America: Enlightened Thought, Nation Building, Literacy, Cultural Discourse
  • Latin American Cultural Integration in the Neocolonial Order
  • The Impact of Globalization in Latin American Discourses
  • Topics in Spanish-American Studies
  • Advanced Comparative Research of Caribbean Genres
  • Discursive Formations at the Threshold of 20th-Century Spain
  • Contemporary Spanish Literature
  • Medieval Iberian Literatures and Cultures
  • The Literature of the Spanish Empire and Its Decline
  • Don Quixote
  • The Crisis of the Old Regime: Spanish Literature of the Enlightenment and Romanticism
  • Spanish Picaresque Narratives
  • Research in Sociohistorical Approaches to Spanish Literature
  • Spanish Literary Texts: Theories of Formal Structures
  • Spanish Theater of the 16th Century: Drama up to Lope
  • The Poetry of the Spanish Golden Age
  • The Construction of Spanish Literary History
  • Two Spanish Masterpieces: [Libro de Buen Amor] and [La Celestina]
  • Workshop: Research in Hispanic Cultural Issues