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Living in the Twin Cities

The University of Minnesota is located in both Minneapolis and St. Paul (together called the Twin Cities). The Minneapolis campus is divided by the Mississippi River creating an “East Bank” and “West Bank”. The Department of Spanish & Portuguese is located on the East Bank of the Minneapolis campus in Folwell Hall. 

The Twin Cities is a vibrant metropolitan area with a thriving art, music, and theater scene. Over 400,000 residents in the area speak a language other than English at home, and 32% speak Spanish. Other language groups with a large presence in the region include African languages, Hmong, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Russian.

Many people are attracted to Minnesota because of our diverse seasons. Summer, winter, fall, or spring, the Twin Cities area is the perfect place to savor the seasons. When it's cold, students enjoy winter activities like skiing or hiking, or stay cozy in our skyways and tunnels. When it's warm, students visit our sparkling lakes, miles of bike trails, and dozens of outdoor festivals. Visit the sections below to learn more!


Many UMN graduate students choose to live in campus housing. Options for graduate students and their families include Commonwealth Terrace Cooperative (CTC) and Como Student Community Cooperative (CSCC). Childcare options are available at both cooperative sites.

Minneapolis neighborhoods close to Folwell Hall include Dinkytown, Prospect Park, Marcy Holmes, and Como. The following links include descriptions of many Twin Cities neighborhoods.

Resources for Families

Student Parent Help Center is a fantastic resource for all information related to raising children while attending UMN. The SPHC has one full time dedicated Graduate Student Parent Counselor to serve the needs of graduate and professional students. They can point you in the direction of childcare, lactation areas, and financial services for student parents.

Many of our graduate students, faculty, and staff are parents and are more than happy to share other resources, favorite activities and things to do, etc.

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