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Transfer Course Evaluation Process

If you have a course from another institution that is not automatically counting within your statistics major or minor, the course must be re-evaluated. If you attended an institution in the United States and want to see whether the course has already been approved as equivalent to a course at the University of Minnesota, this information can be found in Transferology.

For courses that need to be evaluated, we require a syllabus (in English) that provides information about the course you completed. A syllabus is a detailed document that explains what was taught in the course. It is not the same as your transcript or a course description. 

How to submit transfer courses for review

For universities/colleges in the US

**The electronic course evaluation system only works for institutions in the United States.

  1. Go to the Transfer Course Evaluation.
  2. Scroll down to "Submitting a Course For Review"
  3. Select "Current Student"
  4. Select "Already completed a course at another institution"
  5. Scroll down to Step 4: Click here to submit a course for review.

For international universities/colleges

For courses completed at an international institution, you need to submit a Re-Evaluation of Transfer Credits form, which can be obtained by your college advisor. Once you have obtained the form, as well as a copy of the syllabus in English, send these materials by email. Submitting these documents in paper form to the department will result in delayed response times.