Organizations & Community Engagement

Students in the School of Statistics have the opportunity to participate in a few different statistical organizations. Participation within these groups can help students improve their skills, make connections, and create a community on campus. These organizations provide highly supportive, collaborative, and intellectual environments for statistics students.

Undergraduate Statistics Club (StatClub) 

To learn more about StatClub events or to get more involved, contact them by email at, or fill out this form to be a member of the board.

StatClub is an undergraduate student-run organization that explores various statistical topics in depth, participates in statistical competitions (Midwest Undergraduate Data Analytics Competition), hosts statistical competitions, sponsors speakers, and networks with other statistics majors/minors and statisticians in the Twin Cities. StatClub was founded with the intention of creating opportunities outside the classroom in order to assist the professional growth of young statisticians. In the process, they desire to help build a stronger, more connected statistics community. The StatClub team consists of board members and undergraduate volunteers who assist with collaborations and projects, many of which include providing nonprofit consulting services to clients, which include CLA's First Year Experience Program, the Project for Pride in Living, and the Hospitality Center for Chinese.

American Statistical Association (ASA)

Find out more about ASA events and other resources provided by the ASA. 

ASA (American Statistical Association) is the largest national organization of professional statisticians in the world. It is geared to reach statisticians at all levels of their career. For students, ASA created STATtr@k, which is a great resource for "individuals who are in statistics programs, recently graduated from a statistics program, or recently entered the job world." Its recent articles/blogs address, "What can I do with an undergraduate degree in statistics or data science?", "Advice for those applying to graduate school", and "Think you're ready for the working world? Master these skills first," to name a few. ASA sponsors student travel awards, career opportunities, posts internships, webinars, student competitions, etc.

The Twin Cities chapter of the ASA aims to support and promote the field of statistics in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area and surrounding region by connecting academic and industrial statisticians to each other and to national ASA initiatives. Members of the organization include statisticians from the University of Minnesota, Mayo Clinic, Medtronic, and other local colleges, universities, and companies.