Scholarships & Awards

The College of Liberal Arts is proud to offer one-year, collegiate scholarships to degree-seeking, CLA students. For additional information, deadlines, eligibility information and the application to apply, please visit the Continuing Scholarships page.  

CLA students who have received a Dean's First-Year Research & Creative Scholars Program scholarship can find specific programmatic information at the Dean's First-Year Research & Creative Scholars Program website. For questions, please contact

Additional Scholarship Resources for CLA students 

CLA Undergraduate Scholarships
Office of Undergraduate Education

115 Johnston Hall
101 Pleasant Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

We understand that finding scholarships at the university can be difficult. Here are links to different scholarship options around campus and the college. Please contact CLA scholarships if you have any questions or would like to set up a scholarship appointment.  

University Scholarship Search

The undergraduate scholarship search will use your academic plan and major(s) or pre-major interests to bring up scholarships that may be of interest to you. Do not forget to scroll down the page to investigate scholarships under the different office tabs. 

Departmental scholarships for declared majors

CLA departments may have scholarships available for their declared majors. Specific departments with scholarship options include: EnglishHistoryPolitical Science, and Psychology. All declared CLA students should check with their departments about scholarship availability as there are other departments not listed that have funding available. 

Internship and Leadership scholarships

CLA offers two different internship scholarships (internship and leadership internship) for students seeking financial assistance while participating in an internship. Interested CLA students are advised to schedule an appointment or email to get your questions answered. Visit the CLA Career Services office in 411 Bruininks Hall, email, or call 612-624-7577 to set up an appointment or email regarding the applications.

CLA Career Services
411 Bruininks Hall
222 Pleasant St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

612-624-7577 phone
612-625-4832 fax

Learning Abroad scholarships

CLA encourages students interested in studying abroad to apply for a Learning Abroad Scholarship. There are many scholarships available specifically for students planning to study abroad. Students can also use most general scholarships to fund your study abroad experience. In many cases, students do not need to have applied for a study abroad program to be eligible to apply for study abroad scholarships. Start researching scholarship opportunities early so to not miss miss any application deadlines.

Office of National & International Scholarships 

The University of Minnesota's Office for National and International Scholarships serves ALL enrolled undergraduates and recent graduates from all colleges at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Housed in the University Honors Program, this office is available to all students at the university. Search this very extensive and detailed list for interesting scholarships. Contact Dr. Timothy Jones to set up an appointment or email him to discuss your questions and interest in the scholarships.

Current Recipients of CLA scholarships:

Recipients of CLA scholarships are required to be degree-seeking CLA students. Students are expected to uphold a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, write a yearly thank you letter to the scholarship donor as well as abide by the University of Minnesota's student code of conduct. Additional scholarship requirements for particular scholarships will be communicated to recipients with scholarship award notification. Questions or concerns can be directed to

Financial Resources

Your financial well-being is essential to your academic success. Turn to One Stop counselors and programs for assistance with finances.

  1. Money management - get organized, avoid trouble, get help.
  2. Financial aid - the basics, aid sources.
  3. Scholarships - the search tool, University and non-university sources.
  4. Campus employment and work-study