Learning Abroad Scholarships

Qualifying CLA students are eligible to receive a scholarship during the semester or summer that they are participating in a learning abroad program hosted by CLA or approved by the UMN Learning Abroad Center.

All CLA Learning Abroad Scholarships are awarded on the basis of both merit and financial need. Financial need is demonstrated by completing the FAFSA.

A CLA Learning Abroad Scholarship is considered part of your financial aid package and, if applicable, will first be applied to the outstanding balance on your student account. (If you have questions about this, contact One Stop.)

Students can also use most general scholarships to fund a study abroad experience. Start your research early at the Learning Abroad Center website so you don't miss any application deadlines.

Please email claschol@umn.edu if you have any learning abroad scholarship questions. 

Scholarship Amounts

The amount of a CLA Learning Abroad Scholarship generally corresponds with the duration of the learning abroad program: 

  • Scholarships for winter break, May term, or other short programs start at $500.
  • Scholarships for fall semester, spring semester, or summer programs start at $1,000.
  • Scholarships for full academic year programs start at $2,000.

The one-time scholarship is applied to the recipient’s UMN student account during the academic term that the learning abroad is completed (Fall, Spring, or Summer).

No Application Necessary

All CLA undergraduates participating in a CLA-hosted or approved Learning Abroad Center study abroad program are automatically considered for a CLA Learning Abroad Scholarship. 

CLA’s funding for learning abroad scholarships is limited, so not all eligible students can be awarded.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for a CLA Learning Abroad scholarship, you must demonstrate financial need on the FAFSA and be:

  • A full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate student in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities
  • Accepted for a CLA or UMN Learning Abroad Center program for academic credit 
  • Not a previous recipient of a CLA Learning Abroad Scholarship
  • Not a current recipient of a scholarship from the UMN Learning Abroad Center 

Qualifying students will be considered for all of the following scholarships: 

  • Larson Family Learning Abroad Scholarship
  • Colin McFadden Study Abroad Scholarship
  • Mary Kay Hicks Learning Abroad Scholarship
  • CLA Undergraduate Study Abroad Scholarship
  • Carlson & Miller Study Abroad Scholarship
  • John S. Wright Scholarship for Study Abroad (preference for African American and African Studies major)
  • Marjorie Way Journalism Travel Scholarship (must have a Journalism major)
  • Jason Leidahl Study Abroad Scholarship (preference for Journalism, Economics or Computer Science majors)

Awarding Timeline

  • CLA Learning Abroad Scholarships for the Winter 2024 and Spring 2024 terms were awarded during November 2023.
  • The next cycle of scholarship awarding will be during April 2024 for learning abroad during the May 2024 and Summer 2024 terms.
  • Scholarship awarding for learning abroad during the 2024-25 Academic Year and Fall 2024 will take place in May 2024.

Department Learning Abroad Scholarships

The following CLA academic departments also administer learning abroad scholarships using their own application processes for their majors:

Ask the department that is home to your CLA major about the availability of these or any other department learning abroad scholarships.