Instructions for CLA Scholarship Recipients

Many CLA scholarships are renewable annually as two-, three-, or four-year awards. Following is information about how you can receive and maintain eligibility for your CLA scholarship, whether it was awarded for a single year or multiple years:

If you are awarded a CLA scholarship as an incoming freshman or transfer student, first you must confirm your enrollment to the University of Minnesota.

During the summer prior to the start of their first semester, incoming freshmen who have been awarded a CLA scholarship will receive an email to their U of M account with confirmation of the award amount, any special requirements of their scholarship, and instructions for how to accept it within their financial aid package. Incoming transfer students will receive this information at the time they are offered a scholarship.

Current CLA students who apply for and receive a CLA scholarship are notified by email about the scholarship requirements.

CLA scholarships for an academic year will be split into two disbursements, with half of the yearly scholarship amount disbursed at the beginning of each semester (fall and spring).

Your award will not disburse if you are not registered for the semester in which your award will be posted or you have not maintained eligibility under the terms of the specific scholarship. 

Leave of absence, study abroad, and being enrolled less than full-time may affect your scholarship disbursement, so please contact if any of these situations apply to you.

Scholarships may affect your financial aid package. Contact a financial aid counselor at OneStop for more information.

CLA scholarships recipients are expected to:

  • Stay in CLA and be a degree-seeking student
  • Remain in good academic standing and maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA or higher (except if your scholarship award letter specifically states a higher GPA is required)
  • Adhere to the UMNTC Student Code of Conduct
  • Register as a full-time student (with 12 credit hours or more each semester) to receive the full scholarship amount.

Note: If you hold a CLA departmental scholarship, you must continue to be a degree-seeking student in the major/department that your scholarship was offered and take at least one course per semester in that major. Additional requirements and expectations may apply, so please contact your awarding department for details. 

If you were offered a multi-year CLA scholarship for two, three, or four years, then the scholarship is automatically renewed provided you continue to meet the collegiate (and if applicable, departmental) scholarship requirements. Annual review of whether CLA scholarship recipients are meeting their scholarship requirements happens each summer. Students will be notified via their U of M email address if they are not meeting their scholarship requirements.

Students who are concerned their CLA scholarship may be revoked should email When CLA scholarships are reversed, an appeals process can be initiated by emailing