RATE Dashboard

RATE™ (Reflect-Articulate-Translate-Evaluate) is an innovative online tool that is a core element of career readiness. It helps you focus on the Core Career Competencies that you are continuously developing in all of your experiences, in and out of the classroom and throughout your liberal arts education.

Available to you anytime in your career readiness portal through the CLA Career Hub, RATE is a reflective learning and self-assessment activity that guides you through the process of thoroughly Reflecting on, Articulating, Translating, and Evaluating your many and diverse experiences. 

How to Use RATE

Every time you engage in experiences—a significant class assignment or activity, a community service project, an internship or volunteer opportunity, a leadership position, a research study—you can (and should!) go immediately to the RATE portal to:

  • Capture it (in writing or on a short video), so you don’t forget about it!
  • Connect it to your continuous building of the Core Career Competencies that signify career readiness.
  • Communicate it as tangible, specific evidence of how you have been developing the competencies.

RATE helps you understand all you’re doing and what you’re gaining from it, both of which are far too easy to take for granted or overlook. 

The time and energy you take to faithfully document all of your experiences with RATE—as you go—will help you convincingly demonstrate your career readiness later to yourself, your family, and future employers or graduate/school programs.

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