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The University of Minnesota liberal education requirements include a first-year writing requirement. This requirement, which must be completed during students' first two registered semesters at the University, can be fulfilled with WRIT 1301, WRIT 1401, or an equivalent credit, which may come from other institutions, AP/IB testing, or PSEO classes. Some students will be required to pass WRIT 1201 before taking WRIT 1301. See Course Requirement for more details.

WRIT 1201: Writing Studio

Note: this course does not fulfill the first-year writing requirement.

WRIT 1201 introduces students to university writing practices and purposes. Writing is placed at the center of course instruction. Through frequent practice and feedback, students learn to see writing as a tool for learning and a vehicle for expression of ideas and informed views. Critical reading strategies and rhetorical analysis are introduced.

WRIT 1301: University Writing

WRIT 1301 fulfills the first-year writing requirement. Through frequent practice and study of writing, this course introduces students to typical university writing practices. Course work includes but is not limited to introduction to academic genres of reading and writing; critical reading and analysis of writing for rhetorical principles of audience, purpose, and argumentative strategies; emphasis on performing research with electronic and print libraries; and a properly cited research paper as major assignment. Some sections are offered online. Some sections are dedicated for international and multilingual students.

WRIT 1401: Writing and Academic Inquiry

In addition to fulfilling the requirements of WRIT 1301, WRIT 1401 students read and analyze increasingly challenging texts and are expected to produce increasingly sophisticated responses. Students use revision to develop writing form and content that contributes to conversations and provides new insight.