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Course Requirement

Students must take either WRIT 1301 or WRIT 1401 in order to fulfill the first-year writing requirement, unless they have previously fulfilled the requirement in another way. Some students will be required to pass WRIT 1201 before taking WRIT 1301.

We take several factors into account when placing students into our courses. However, the chart below can be used as a general guideline to which courses we recommend to students based off their ACT English composite score with or without the optional writing test (post-September 2016).

Student ACT Score Recommended Course
34+ with no writing score or score of 10 or higher WRIT 1401
34 with no writing score or score of 9 or lower WRIT 1301
25-33 WRIT 1301
0-24 WRIT 1201*

*WRIT 1201 does not satisfy the first-year writing requirement. Students who take WRIT 1201 must still take WRIT 1301.

Have I already fulfilled the first-year writing requirement?

Aside from taking either WRIT 1301 or WRIT 1401, there are five ways to satisfy the first-year writing requirement:     

  1. Receive AP credit of 3 or higher on either the English Language and Composition or English Literature and Composition test.
  2. Receive IB credit of 5 or higher for English Language and Literature.
  3. Receive PSEO or CIS credit.
  4. Receive transfer credit from an equivalent course at another institution**.
  5. Have already received credit for first year writing under the following former University of Minnesota - Twin Cities designators only: ENGC 1011, ENGC 1011H, ENGC 1012, ENGC 1012H, ENGC 1013, ENGC 1013H, ENGC 1014, ENGC 1014H, ENGC 1015, ENGC 1016, RHET 1101.

**Please note that waivers or exemptions from a first-year writing requirement at another institution do not satisfy the first-year writing requirement at the University of Minnesota.