Organizations, Clubs & Communities

Participation in student organizations, clubs, and communities develops your leadership skills and expands your social and career networks.

CLA Student Groups & Boards

The CLA Student Ambassadors are a group of undergraduate student leaders who show by example what can be accomplished in the College of Liberal Arts.

The CLA Student Board is the official undergraduate student government of the University of Minnesota's College of Liberal Arts.

Additionally there are number of CLA student groups affiliated with the College of Liberal Arts that allow you to meet and connect with students who have similar interests. For example, the CLA Business Club is dedicated to offering resources and opportunities to CLA students who are interested in business careers and assists students in translating how their liberal arts skills provide excellent pathways into a business career.

Student Unions and Activities (SUA) Student Groups

 Join an active University of Minnesota student group that is already established, or if you can't find a group that fits your interests, you and four friends can start your own group.