CLA Student Board

Student Board

The CLA Student Board is the official undergraduate student government for the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota. Our members work vigorously to foster academic excellence, build community, promote artistic expression, and prepare students for post-college aspirations.

We act as the bridge between CLA students and administration, prepared to coordinate events and initiatives to ensure that you are both heard and represented. If you have anything you would like to discuss your experience in the College of Liberal Arts, please feel free to reach out to us. Your input could help to positively shape the college for many current and future students.

To learn more about our composition, mission, or the application process, check out our GopherLink website!

Please contact us with any questions, concerns, comments, or ideas you may have! We want to hear from the students of the College of Liberal Arts and address your concerns. We answer on all social media platforms and our email. 


What is an initiative? 
An initiative is a project or venture intended to assess progress and improve the experiences of the student body within the College of Liberal Arts. Initiatives are flexible, so they are liable to change based on the structure, personnel, interests, and values of the Board. Often, a CLASB initiative will involve both a qualitative component (e.g. outreach and advocacy) and a quantitative component (e.g. survey data on student opinion).

How does the Data Analytics Committee support initiatives?
The Data Analytics Committee provides quantitative support for CLASB initiatives by constructing and disseminating surveys to gauge student opinion on CLA-related issues. After analyzing these survey data, the Committee consolidates its findings and presents any significant takeaways or recommendations to the rest of the Board (and in some cases to the CLA community more broadly).

Why does the CLA Student Board pursue initiatives?
The Board is dedicated to serving the needs of CLA students, and to this end, it develops initiatives that aim to raise awareness about these issues and concerns. In other words, it is a priority of the Board to maintain consistent communication with the CLA student body and ensure that student voices are brought to the forefront of conversations on campus. For instance, if students vocalize that they would like to hear more about campus safety, then the Board will take steps to formally gather student feedback, increase access to relevant resources, and bring in prominent members of the Twin Cities community to facilitate a discussion about the topic.

Past CLASB initiatives:

  • Mental Health Initiative: Pledge to Prioritize: The Pledge to Prioritize initiative is a campaign to promote safe and healthy practices for mental health and well-being.
  • CLA Feedback Survey: This survey was designed to identify potential student concerns in areas such as career resources, degree requirements, and diversity and inclusion.
  • Classroom Inclusion Survey: The objective of this initiative was to gauge student perceptions about mental health accommodations and the atmosphere for diversity and inclusion within CLA.
  • CLASB-ESO Department of Economics Survey: In conjunction with the Economics Student Organization, this project elicited department-specific feedback from economics majors and minors.
  • Liberal Education Requirement Survey: This survey was conducted as one component of a Board-wide initiative to address the University’s liberal education degree requirements.

Please contact to access the data from or request more information about these initiatives.


  1. Initiatives 
    1. (2021) Pledge to Prioritize Relaunch 
      1. *project not completed, but to be listed on website upon completion*
    2. (2019) Rename Reclaim
    3. (2019) Pledge to Prioritize: A Mental Health Initiative 
      1. Classroom Inclusion Survey
      2. Video 
      3. Pledges
    4. (2019/2016) Economics Department Resolution
    5. (2015) College Resource Aggregator 
    6. (2014) CLA Diversity Initiative – Race, Indigeneity, Gender and Sexuality (RIGS)
  2. Student Guides 
    1. (2021) Transfer Guide
    2. (2020) Freshman Guide 
    3. (2015) PSEO CLA Student Resource Guide
    4. (2015) International Student Resource Guide
  3. Conversations with the University / Feedback
    1. (2020) George Floyd Murder Statement 
    2. (2015) CLA Student Readiness: College Preparation Feedback from the CLA Student Board
    3. (2015) International Student Memo
    4. (2015) CLA Roadmap Project
      1. Presentation from CLA 
      2. Feedback from CLASB