Undergraduate Minor in Communication Studies

The Department of Communication Studies encourages you to supplement your undergraduate degree with a communication studies minor tailored to your interests. There are three potential fields of study within the communication studies minor: electronic media, communication theory, and rhetorical studies. As a communication studies minor, you may choose the minor field most complementary to your primary degree or desired career path. The study of a second language, global studies, political science, psychology, cinema & media culture, and many other majors are enhanced by the addition of a communication studies minor. With its emphasis on both breadth of exposure and individual concentration, this minor can support almost any major.

A minor in communication studies helps you develop the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace today. Employers routinely cite the ability to communicate with multiple stakeholders (such as cross-generational and cross-cultural colleagues) as one of the most essential skills for new graduates. Through a program focused on a social science,humanist examination of human communication, a communication studies minor helps you understand the process of communication and improve your communication habits.

Career possibilities with a communication studies minor include human resources, law, social justice, counseling, or media/broadcasting. The communication studies minor plan also offers classes to prepare students for graduate school in any number of fields of study, including political science, philosophy, cultural studies & comparative literature, and communication studies.