Transfer & Study Abroad Credit

For credit transfer to the University of Minnesota, contact your college advising office. For upper-division credit transfer (3xxx-level courses) towards a minor or major, please contact and make an appointment with the appropriate staff member below.

For French courses

Name Contact
Trina Whitaker
Director of Undergraduate Studies in French
314E Folwell

For Italian Courses

Name Contact
Lorenzo Fabbri
Director of Italian Studies
305C Folwell Hall

To use credits earned at another institution in the United States or internationally (including study abroad programs) toward your major or minor, you must complete procedures at both college and department levels. At the college level, you must make arrangements for the credits to appear on your University of Minnesota transcript.

  • The Office of the Registrar manages the process for credit transferred from other U.S. institutions.
  • The Office of Admissions is responsible for credit transferred from international institutions.
  • If you studied abroad while enrolled at the University of Minnesota, the Learning Abroad Center coordinates the transfer of credit for courses taken abroad. These credits should appear on your transcript a reasonable period of time after your return.

At the department level, you must see the program advisor to request that transfer courses be used as the equivalent of major or minor requirements. You should arrange a meeting with the appropriate adviser as soon as possible after the outside courses appear on your U of M transcript.