BSE Undergraduate Advisor
Ivan Bialostosky
406 Social Sciences

Find out how to schedule an appointment.

BSE Advising and Major Declaration

Advising Appointments are available either over zoom or in person.You may schedule an advising appointment on the appointment calendar. You can also reach it at

On the appointment calendar, you will find advising available from both Ivan, the staff adviser, and Amina, the peer adviser.  Amina can help with major declaration and course planning.  Ivan can help with both of those and with any other questions you might have.

Fall 2023, Amina has drop in advising available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-4:30. Students may visit over zoom or come to se her in the office is 423 Social Science.

Ivan has drop in advising available in person in 423 Social Science on Tuesdays from 9:30-11:30. All other advising is by appointment only.

Quick questions can be answered in email as usual. You may direct all email inquiries to

If you have questions about a BSE or Geography Capstone, please schedule an appointment with Ivan Bialostosky.


Current and prospective students are welcome to meet with the BSE advisor to find their fit in our undergraduate programs and to stay on track for their degree plan. We also recommend that current students work closely with CLA and Career Services advisors to optimize their degree and undergraduate experience.


Your BSE advisor will:

Prospective students:

  • Direct you to the online BSE information session (see "declare" section)
  • Help you decide if the BSE major is right for you
  • Answer questions about tailoring the BSE major to your post-graduation goals
  • Help you determine what courses are accepted for major credit
  • Orient you to department resources
  • Help you declare

Current students:

  • Help you refine your initial plan for meeting BSE major requirements
  • Help you to keep on track for graduation
  • Approve course substitutions (contact your college advisor for help with transfer course equivalencies)
  • Update your APAS with approved course substitutions
  • Direct you to senior project planning resources and discuss senior project options
  • Address honors thesis requirements and special courses

For advising outside of the BSE program (college and liberal education requirements, transfer credits, and other APAS issues), see your CLA advisor.

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