Graduate Minor in Feminist Studies

The feminist and critical sexuality studies (FCSS) graduate minor certificate provides specialized academic training in the fields of feminist, gender, and sexuality studies. FCSS minors will learn how best to integrate feminist and critical sexuality theory into their existing work as well as how to expand their research to include feminist methodologies. An FCSS minor pairs well with other graduate programs such as American Studies, Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature, Geography, History, Public Health, and many others.

The FCSS graduate minor certificate is a highly flexible 15-credit program that includes required coursework in feminist theory and research methods as well as FCSS courses that align with your academic interests. Applicants must submit a formal letter of interest that demonstrates a clear relationship between their interdisciplinary doctoral research interests and the goals, curriculum, and scholarly resources of the FCSS minor. Successful applicants will demonstrate general knowledge of feminist and/or GLBTQ studies in some combination of their previous coursework, research and writing, and/or organizational activity/experience.

Students enrolled in minor must take 5 courses:

  • GWSS 8108: Genealogies of Feminist Theory or GWSS 8109: Feminist Knowledge Production
  • 2 GWSS seminars, one of which can be an independent or directed study with GWSS faculty member
  • 2 additional seminars, inside or outside of GWSS, neither of which can be an independent study

How to Apply

Complete an FCSS graduate minor application form (below) and submit, along with supplementary materials indicated on the form, to the Graduate Program Coordinator, Casey Kenney, at Minor certificate applications are reviewed throughout the year by the Director of Graduate Studies, Professor Cawo Abdi. Please anticipate a response within 30 days of application submission. For inquiries, contact Cawo Abdi at

Graduate Minor Application Form (.pdf)

Graduate Minor Application Form (.docx)