Cervantes and his Postmodern Constituencies

Ed. Anne J. Cruz and Carroll B. Johnson
Addresses the present status of Cervantes studies in light of the so-called culture wars fought between those who adhere to liberal-humanist and/or historicist readings and those whose work is guided by avant-garde, poststructuralist theory.

Table of Contents


Carroll B. Johnson

Part I. Cervantismo and the Crisis of Hispanism

Chapter 1

Theory vs. the Humanist Tradition Stemming from Américo Castro
Anthony J. Close

Chapter 2

Romance, Ideology, and Iconoclasm in Cervantes
Anthony J. Cascardi

Chapter 3

Where Does the Novel Rise? Cultural Hybrids and Cervantine Heresies
Diana de Armas Wilson

Chapter 4

Generational Conflicts within Hispanism: Notes from the comedia Wars
John J. Allen

Part II. Re/Visioning Cervantes Studies

Chapter 5

Anatomy of Contemporary Cervantes Studies: A Romance of “Two Cities”
Charles D. Presberg

Chapter 6

Cervantes and the Philological School
Pablo Jauralde Pou

Chapter 7

The Politics of Identity and the Enigma of Cervantine Genealogy
Ellen Lokos

Chapter 8

Cervantes and His Feminist Alliances
Anne J. Cruz

Chapter 9

Rereading El amante liberal in the Age of Contrapuntal Sexualities
Adrienne L. Martín

Chapter 10

The Jealous and the Curious: Freud, Paranoia and Homosexuality in Cervantine Poetics
Nicolás Wey-Gómez

Part III. The Future of Cervantes Studies

Chapter 11

The Crisis of Hispanism as an Apocalyptic Myth
George Mariscal

Chapter 12

The Ideologies of Cervantine Irony: Liberalism, Postmodernism and Beyond
Alison Parks Weber

Chapter 13

"Cervantismo" as Social Praxis in the Neo-Post Age: Are We Kidding Ourselves?
James Iffland


Cervantes and his Postmodern Constituencies
David Castillo and Nicholas Spadaccini