Charting Memory

Recalling Medieval Spain

Ed. Stacy N. Beckwith
Elaborates an interdiscursive picture of how medieval Spain has been remembered by various Arab, Jewish, and Hispanic peoples from 1492 to the present, foregrounding the constitutive roles of communities created through prayer, literary resonances, architecture, musical performance, and name giving, in shaping memories of medieval Spanish contexts as well as complex identities in the Balkans, the Near and Middle East, North Africa, Latin America, and the United States.

Al-Andalus/Iberia/Sepharad: Memory among Modern Discourses
Stacy N. Beckwith

  1. “We’ve Always Sung It That Way”: Re/Appropriation of Medieval Spanish Jewish Culture in a Galician Town
    Judith R. Cohen
  2. Crypto-Jewish Ballads and Prayers in the Portuguese Oral Tradition
    Manuel da Costa Fontes
  3. A Collusion of Gardens: Continuity of Memory
    Libby Garshowitz and Stacy N. Beckwith
  4. Al-Andalus and Memory: The Past and Being Present among Hispano-Moroccan Andalusians from Rabat
    Beebe Bahrami
  5. Voices from the Past: Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) Nicknames among the Israeli-Sephardic Jews from Salonika
    Shmuel Refael
    (Translated by Stacy N. Beckwith)
  6. Spanish Balconies in Morocco: A Window on Cultural Influence and Historical Persistence in the Mallāh (Jewish) Community
    Hsaïn Ilahiane
  7. Memory: One Hundred Years of Solitude
    Sultana Wahnón
    (Translated by Stacy N. Beckwith)
  8. Musical ’Membrances of Medieval Muslim Spain
    Dwight F. Reynolds
  9. “Al-Andalus Arising from Damascus”: Al-Andalus in Modern Arabic Poetry
    Reuven Snir
  10. American Sephardim, Memory, and the Representation of European Life
    Jack Glazier

Louise Mirrer