Latin American Literature and the Mass Media

Ed. Debra Ann Castillo and José Edmundo Paz-Soldán
Examines Latin American literature in the context of a contemporary audiovisual culture in which mass media such as photography, film, and the Internet have threatened writing's "representational privilege" as a technology of information processing and storage.

Table of Contents


Beyond the Lettered City
Edmundo Paz-Soldán and Debra A. Castillo

Part I. Revisions

Chapter 1

The Nineteenth-Century Novel: Toward a Public Sphere or a Mass Media?
Fernando Unzueta

Chapter 2

Pancho Villa at the Movies: Cinematic Techniques in the Works of Guzmán and Muñoz
J. Patrick Duffey

Chapter 3

The Avant-Garde and Cinematic Imaginary: Huidobro’s novella-film
Edmundo Paz-Soldán

Chapter 4

The Modern Novel, the Media, and Mass Culture in Latin America
Ricardo Gutiérrez Mouat

Part II. Mass Culture

Chapter 5

MEDIAted Memory: Writing, Photography, and Performativity in the Age of the Image
Luis Ernesto Cárcamo Huechante

Chapter 6

Cortázar Under Exposure: Photography and Fiction in the City
Marcy E. Schwartz

Chapter 7

Hybridity and Postmodernity in the Argentine Meta-Comic: The Bridge Texts of Julio Cortázar and Ricardo Piglia
Ellen McCracken

Chapter 8

Comic Art at the Margins of Hierarchy: The Mexican Multicultural Expression of La Familia Burrón and Los Supermachos
Ana Merino

Chapter 9

The Mexican Telenovela and its Foundational Fictions
Adriana Estill

Part III. Narrative Strategies in Our Fin de Siglo

Chapter 10

Contesting the Lettered City: Cultural Mediation and Communicative Strategies in the Contemporary Chronicle in Mexico
Ignacio Corona

Chapter 11

Deserted Cities: Pop and Disenchantment in Turn-of-the-Century Latin American Narrative
Ana María Amar Sánchez

Chapter 12

In Search of Lost Time: Intellectuals, Media, and Narrative
Alfonsina Lorenzi

Chapter 13

http:// www. LAlit. com
Debra A. Castillo

Part IV. The Digital World

Chapter 14

The Lack of Materiality in Latin American Media Theory
Shirin Shenassa

Chapter 15

Condiciones extremas: Digital Science Fiction from Colombia
Susana Pajares Tosca

Chapter 16

Writing Communities on the Internet: Textual Authority and Territorialization
Carlos Jáuregui


David William Foster