Modernism and its Margins

Ed. Anthony Geist and José Monleón 
Examines the prevailing notions that underlie most theoretical paradigms about modernism and how those paradigms fail to account for Spanish and, especially, Latin American expressions.

Table of Contents


Modernism and Its Margins: Rescripting Hispanic Modernism
Anthony L. Geist and José B. Monleón

Part I. The Problematics of Modernism

Chapter 1

On Modernism from the Periphery
Carlos Blanco Aguinaga

Chapter 2

The Industrial Imaginary of Modernity: The “Totalizing” Gaze
Iris M. Zavala

Chapter 3

A Modernizing That Holds Us Back: Culture under the Neoconservative Regression
Néstor García Canclini

Chapter 4

Rethinking the Theory of the Avant-Garde from the Periphery
George Yúdice

Chapter 5

The Limits of Modernity in Latin American Poetry
Álvaro Salvador

Chapter 6

“Seven Islands in Search of an Author”: The Canary Islands Avant-Garde
Jacqueline Cruz

Part II. Modernists from the Margins

Chapter 7

Gender and Modernist Discourse: Emilia Pardo Bazán’s Dulce Dueño
Susan Kirkpatrick

Chapter 8

Buñuel: A Cinematographic Impugnment of Modernity/Modernism/Avant-gardism and Other Options
Víctor Fuentes

Chapter 9

Recycling the Popular: Lorca, Lorquismo, and the Culture Industry
Anthony L. Geist

Chapter 10

Cultural Liaisons in American Literatures
Guido A. Podestá

Chapter 11

Brazilian Modernism: An Idea Out of Place?
Randal Johnson

Chapter 12

Counterhegemonic Subjectivities in César Vallejo and Oswald de Andrade
Leslie Bary

Chapter 13

Borges: Tradition and the Avant-Garde
Beatriz Sarlo

Chapter 14

“Dangerous Southern Islands”: Modern Aesthetics as Anaesthetics in Carpentier’s The Lost Steps and Borges’s “The South”
Santiago Colás

Chapter 15

El siglo de las luces: Modernism and Epic
Neil Larsen


A Design for Modernity in the Margins
René Jara