A Revisionary History of Portuguese Literature

Ed. Miguel Tamen and Elena Buescu
Explores the relationship between literary history and revisionism, focusing on topics such as Medieval history-writing, Baroque culture, Poetics in the Enlightenment, fin-de-siècle Decadence, Symbolism, and Contemporary Criticism.

Miguel Tamen and Helena C. Buescu

Ghosts Revised: An Essay on Literary History
Miguel Tamen

  1. Infractions of the Name-Hiding Rule in Galician-Portuguese Troubadour
    João Dionísio
  2. Belief in History
    Teresa Amado
  3. The Songs of Melancholy: Aspects of Mannerism in Camões
    Vítor Aguiar e Silva
  4. Baroque Literature Revised and Revisited
    Margarida Vieira Mendes
  5. Portuguese Poetics in the Eighteenth Century
    Maria de Lourdes A. Ferraz
  6. Socio-institutional Literary Practices in Portuguese Romanticism
    Helena C. Buescu
  7. Decadence and Fin-de-siècle Literature in Portugal
    J. C. Seabra Pereira
  8. Before the Barbarians
    M. S. Lourenço
  9. Fernando Pessoa’s Odd Epic
    António M. Feijó
  10. Notes for a Cartography of Twentieth-Century Portuguese Poetry
    Manuel Gusmão
  11. Contemporary Portuguese Fiction—Cases and Problems
    Paulo Morão
  12. Four Twentieth-Century Portuguese Critics
    Victor Mendes

Literary History: Are We Still Talking?
Helena C. Buescu