Iberian Cities

Ed. Joan Ramon Resina
Although Spanish and Portuguese literatures are rich sources of urban knowledge, compared to studies of cities like London, Paris, Vienna, or Rome, critical literary and cultural approaches devoted to modern Iberian cities have been notably scarce. Iberian Cites locates regional patterns of urbanization articulated in or around highly symbolic centers, calling attention to the extraordinary combination of factors, personal and collective, temporal and instantaneous, planned and coincidental, logical and ideological, virtual and representative, that make up the experience of the city. In this work, Joan Ramon Resina and a group of distinguished scholars from an array of disciplines remind readers that Hispania, the ancient geographic matrix of people of Iberia, is still a system of interrelated cultures.

Joan Ramon Resina

  1. Tough Beauty: Bilbao as Ruin, Architecture, and Allegory
    Joseba Zulaika
  2. Santiago de Compostela or the Obsession with Identity
    Javier Gómez-Montero
  3. A Walk about Lisbon
    Miguel Tamen
  4. Getting to Salamanca (and Away): One Approach, Nine Vistas, and a Retrospective that Does Not Take Place
    Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht
  5. Madrid’s Palimpsest: Reading the Capital against the Grain
    Joan Ramon Resina
  6. Madrid: From “Años de Hambre” to Years of Desire
    Michael Ugarte
  7. A Sad Diagnosis of a Sad Town: Granada and the Dream of the Recumbent Woman
    Juan Carlos Rodríguez
  8. Modern Spaces: Building Barcelona
    Brad Epps
  9. A Walk through Identity in the Gardens of Catalonia
    Maria Jesús Buxó i Rey
  10. Valencia: Cultural Spaces, Economics, and Territory
    Rafael L. Ninyoles

Jenaro Talens and Angela Vallvey