Amerindian Images and the Legacy of Columbus

Ed. René Jara and Nicholas Spadaccini
Examines the constitution of an Amerinidan world born of resistance against European cultural imperialism. Literary critics, linguists, semioticians and historians argue that the images constructed by the Amerindians to confront the consequences of their encounter with the European cultural apparatus ensures the endurance of their own culture.

The Construction of a Colonial Imaginary: Columbus’s Signature
René Jara and Nicholas Spadaccini

  1. Word and Mirror: Presages of the Encounter
    Miguel León-Portilla
  2. De Bry’s Las Casas
    Tom Conley
  3. (Re)discovering Aztec Images
    Eloise Quiñones Keber
  4. Fantastic Tales and Chronicles of the Indies
    Manuel Alvar
  5. Reading in the Margins of Columbus
    Margarita Zamora
  6. To Read Is to Misread, To Write Is to Miswrite: Las Casas as Transcriber
    David Henige
  7. Loving Columbus
    José Piedra
  8. Fray Ramón Pané, Discoverer of the Taíno People
    José Juan Arrom
  9. Colonial Writing and Indigenous Discourse in Ramón Pané’s Relación acerca de las antigüedades de los indios
    Santiago López Maguiña
  10. When Speaking Was Not Good Enough: Illiterates, Barbarians, Savages, and Cannibals
    Walter D. Mignolo
  11. Colonial Reform or Utopia? Guaman Poma’s Empire of the Four Parts of the World
    Rolena Adorno
  12. Amerindian Image and Utopian Project: Motolinía and Millenarian Discourse
    Georges Baudot
  13. The Place of the Translator in the Discourses of Conquest: Hernán Cortés’s Cartas de relación and Roland Joffé’s The Mission
    David E. Johnson
  14. Other-Fashioning: The Discourse of Empire and Nation in Lope de Vega’s El Nuevo mundo descubierto por Cristóbal Colón
    Allen Carey-Webb
  15. Authoritarianism in Brazilian Colonial Discourse
    Roberto Reis
  16. Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz; or, The Snares of (Con)(tra)di(c)tion
    Elena Feder
  17. The Indian as Image and as Symbolic Structure: Bartolomé Arzán’s Historia de la Villa Imperial de Protosí
    Leonardo García Pabón
  18. Images of America In Eighteenth-Century Spanish Comedy
    Benardita Llanos
  19. Humboldt and the Reinvention of America
    Mary Louise Pratt
  20. Atahuallpa Inca: Axial Figure in the Encounter of Two Worlds
    Marta Bermúdez-Gallegos
  21. Art and Resistance in the Andean World
    Teresa Gisbert
  22. Saer’s Fictional Representation of the Amerindian in the Context of Modern Historiography
    Amaryll Chanaday
  23. An Image of Hispanic America from Spain of 1992
    Angel López García