Bodies and Biases

Ed. David William Foster and Roberto Reis
Analyzes different representations of sexualities in Hispanic (and Brazilian) cultures and literature, focusing on established canonical texts as well as on less consecrated literary writings, and other types of cultural practices and artifacts, including television, popular music, and pornography.

The Age of Suspicion: Mapping Sexualities in Hispanic Literary and Cultural Texts
Dário Borim Jr. and Roberto Reis

  1. The Sexual Economy of Miguel de Cervantes
    Robert ter Horst
  2. The Sinful Scene: Transgression in Seventeenth-Century Spanish Drama (1625–1685)
    Javier Aparicio Maydeu
  3. Desire and Decorum in the Twentieth-Century Colombian Novel
    J. Eduardo Jaramillo Zuluaga
  4. Representations of Family and Sexuality in Brazilian Cultural Discourse
    Roberto Reis
  5. The Body in Context: Don Quixote and Don Juan
    James A. Parr
  6. Popular Culture and Gender/Genre Construction in Mexican Bolero by Angeles Mastretta
    Salvador A. Oropesa
  7. Sexing the Bildungsroman: Las edades de Lulú, Pornography, and the Pleasure Principle
    Silvia Bermúdez
  8. El diario de José Toledo: A Queer Space in the World of Mexican Letters
    Marina Pérez de Mendiola
  9. Camilo’s Closet: Sexual Camouflage in Denevi’s Rosaura a las diez
    Herbert J. Brant
  10. Monobodies, Antibodies, and the Body Politic: Sara Levi Calderón’s Dos mujeres
    Claudia Schaefer-Rodríguez
  11. Not So Lonely: A Butch-Femme Reading of Cristina Peri-Rossi’s Solitario de amor
    Mary S. Gossy
  12. The Case for Feminine Pornography in Latin America
    David William Foster
  13. The Pornographic Subject of Los borbones en pelota
    Lou Charnon-Deutsch
  14. Codifying Homosexuality as Grotesque: The Writings of Virgilio Piñera
    Ana García Chichester
  15. Eroticism and Homoeroticism in Martín Fierro
    Gustavo Geirola
  16. Intricacies of Brazilian Gayness: A Cross-Cultural and Cross-Temporal Approach
    Dário Borim Jr.
  17. The Ecstasy of Disease: Mysticism, Metaphor, and AIDS in Las virtudes del pájaro solitario
    Brad Epps

Naomi Lindstrom