The Crisis of Institutionalized Literature in Spain

Ed. Wlad Godzich and Nicholas Spadaccini
Studies the consequences of the institutionalization of literature in the nineteenth century, and advances the notion that literature as an institution is torn between the push for greater homogenization and a series of crises engendered by that very movement.

The Course of Literature in Nineteenth-Century Spain
Wlad Godzich and Nicholas Spadaccini

  1. The Crisis of a Literary Institution Seen from Within (On a Parallel Reception of Voltaire and Chateaubriand in Spain)
    Michael Nerlich
  2. The Collapse of Literature as Institutionalized Discourse: Espronceda’s El Diablo mundo
    Jenaro Talens
  3. The Space of Fiction and Reception of Don Quijote in Nineteenth-Century Spain
    Luiz Costa Lima
  4. The Power of the Word: Religious Oratory in Nineteenth-Century Spain
    Gwendolyn Barnes
  5. Galdós and the Generation of 1898
    Domingo Ynduráin
  6. Spanish Literature as a Historiographic Invention: The Case of the Generation of 1898
    Antonio Ramos-Gascón
  7. 1900–1910: New Literature, New Publics
    José-Carlos Mainer
  8. Catalonian Modernism and Cultural Nationalism
    Vicente Cacho Viu
  9. Literature and the Birth of a Nation: The Case of Chile
    René Jara
  10. Lyric Poetry at the Turn of the Century: Rubén Darío and the Sign of the Swan
    Iris Zavala

The Mass Production of Theater in Nineteenth-Century Madrid
Nancy J. Membrez