Cervantes and his Postmodern Constituencies

Ed. Anne J. Cruz and Carroll B. Johnson
Addresses the present status of Cervantes studies in light of the so-called culture wars fought between those who adhere to liberal-humanist and/or historicist readings and those whose work is guided by avant-garde, poststructuralist theory.

Carroll B. Johnson

Part I. Cervantismo and the Crisis of Hispanism

  1. Theory vs. the Humanist Tradition Stemming from Américo Castro
    Anthony J. Close
  2. Romance, Ideology, and Iconoclasm in Cervantes
    Anthony J. Cascardi
  3. Where Does the Novel Rise? Cultural Hybrids and Cervantine Heresies
    Diana de Armas Wilson
  4. Generational Conflicts within Hispanism: Notes from the comedia Wars
    John J. Allen

Part II. Re/Visioning Cervantes Studies

  1. Anatomy of Contemporary Cervantes Studies: A Romance of “Two Cities”
    Charles D. Presberg
  2. Cervantes and the Philological School
    Pablo Jauralde Pou
  3. The Politics of Identity and the Enigma of Cervantine Genealogy
    Ellen Lokos
  4. Cervantes and His Feminist Alliances
    Anne J. Cruz
  5. Rereading El amante liberal in the Age of Contrapuntal Sexualities
    Adrienne L. Martín
  6. The Jealous and the Curious: Freud, Paranoia and Homosexuality in Cervantine Poetics
    Nicolás Wey-Gómez

Part III. The Future of Cervantes Studies

  1. The Crisis of Hispanism as an Apocalyptic Myth
    George Mariscal
  2. The Ideologies of Cervantine Irony: Liberalism, Postmodernism and Beyond
    Alison Parks Weber
  3. "Cervantismo" as Social Praxis in the Neo-Post Age: Are We Kidding Ourselves?
    James Iffland

Cervantes and his Postmodern Constituencies
David Castillo and Nicholas Spadaccini