Latin American Literature and the Mass Media

Ed. Debra Ann Castillo and José Edmundo Paz-Soldán
Examines Latin American literature in the context of a contemporary audiovisual culture in which mass media such as photography, film, and the Internet have threatened writing's "representational privilege" as a technology of information processing and storage.

  1. Introduction: Beyond the Lettered City
    Edmundo Paz-Soldán and Debra A. Castillo

Part I. Revisions

  1. The Nineteenth-Century Novel: Toward a Public Sphere or a Mass Media?
    Fernando Unzueta
  2. Pancho Villa at the Movies: Cinematic Techniques in the Works of Guzmán and Muñoz
    J. Patrick Duffey
  3. The Avant-Garde and Cinematic Imaginary: Huidobro’s novella-film
    Edmundo Paz-Soldán
  4. The Modern Novel, the Media, and Mass Culture in Latin America
    Ricardo Gutiérrez Mouat

Part II. Mass Culture

  1. MEDIAted Memory: Writing, Photography, and Performativity in the Age of the Image
    Luis Ernesto Cárcamo Huechante
  2. Cortázar Under Exposure: Photography and Fiction in the City
    Marcy E. Schwartz
  3. Hybridity and Postmodernity in the Argentine Meta-Comic: The Bridge Texts of Julio Cortázar and Ricardo Piglia
    Ellen McCracken
  4. Comic Art at the Margins of Hierarchy: The Mexican Multicultural Expression of La Familia Burrón and Los Supermachos
    Ana Merino
  5. The Mexican Telenovela and its Foundational Fictions
    Adriana Estill

Part III. Narrative Strategies in Our Fin de Siglo

  1. Contesting the Lettered City: Cultural Mediation and Communicative Strategies in the Contemporary Chronicle in Mexico
    Ignacio Corona
  2. Deserted Cities: Pop and Disenchantment in Turn-of-the-Century Latin American Narrative
    Ana María Amar Sánchez
  3. In Search of Lost Time: Intellectuals, Media, and Narrative
    Alfonsina Lorenzi
  4. http:// www. LAlit. com
    Debra A. Castillo

Part IV. The Digital World

  1. The Lack of Materiality in Latin American Media Theory
    Shirin Shenassa
  2. Condiciones extremas: Digital Science Fiction from Colombia
    Susana Pajares Tosca
  3. Writing Communities on the Internet: Textual Authority and Territorialization
    Carlos Jáuregui

David William Foster