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Photo of immigrants arriving at Ellis Island in 1902

A Brief History of Undocumented Immigration in America

Erika Lee explains that in its early years as a nation, America largely lacked federal immigration policies. Then, beginning with the exclusion acts of the mid-19th century, which specifically prohibited Chinese immigration, the United States increasingly denied entry to those it deemed unsuitable: Asians, paupers, illiterates and, eventually, southern and eastern Europeans.
Portrait: Kim Wong Ark

Historian Erika Lee on the Supreme Court Case That Safeguarded Birthright Citizenship

Professor Erika Lee describes the 1898 Supreme Court case of Wong Kim Ark vs. the United States, which safeguarded the birthright citizenship of people born in the US, regardless of their parents' immigration status. Birthright citizenship has received renewed attention in light of presidential candidates calling to repeal this right.
A section of Le Grande Atlas showing a castle, an Indian elephant, and a man's head

We Need New Categories

CLA's collaborative explorations of the premodern era are so impressive that the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation announced a grant of more than $600,000 to create the initial structures for a newly integrated Consortium for the Study of the Premodern World (CSPW) at the University of Minnesota.
Portrait: Ken Talle

Career As Kaleidoscope

It doesn’t seem at all unusual to Ken Talle (BA '66, history) that a successful entrepreneur can be someone whose intellectual focus is the liberal arts, where, as he says, “You are exposed to different disciplines and challenged in intellectual ways that are with you forever. In a sense it frees up the mind.”
Steffen Magnell

No Boundaries

Steffen Magnell (BA '68, economics) believes a successful entrepreneur needs people skills even more than business skills. His curiosity and passion for engagement help him organize people together to develop new ideas.
Portrait: Scoytt Litman

Crossing the Chasm

Scott Litman (BA '91, history) is a managing partner of the Twin Cities metro area’s fastest-growing business. He argues history is a great background for business leaders to pair with an enthusiasm for new ideas, an uncanny ability to see what's coming next, and the sheer will to jump in.
Jon Liss

All in the Family

Jon Liss (BA '68, history) is a successful entrepreneur who never took a business course. Liss guided his company with the help of his built-in mentor, his father. His father taught him everything he needed to know about fair trade and service and how to think outside the box.