Children of Incarcerated Caregivers

The Human Rights Program (HRP) has been a close collaborator with non-profit organization Children of Incarcerated Caregivers (CIC) since it was established in 2015. CIC works to improve the lives of children whose primary caregivers are incarcerated in the United States and abroad and is committed to providing students a unique opportunity to do in-depth research, network, and to advocate in meaningful ways to contribute to this goal. HRP Director Barbara Frey was an original CIC Advisory Board Member and continues to serve on that board today.

Each spring, a student from Frey’s Human Rights class completes an internship with CIC. Interns often focus on framing parental incarceration as an international human rights issue. In recent years, Human Rights Program interns have assisted with the development of a podcast on prison nurseries; programs within correctional institutions where children live with an incarcerated parent. Through this podcast, HRP and CIC hope to generate more awareness of prison nursery programs and promote thoughtful consideration of whether these programs serve the best interests of children.

Frey and HRP have also been integrally involved in the podcast CIC created to encourage lawyers and judges to consider the parent-child relationship before a parent is sentenced in a criminal court proceeding. As a guest speaker on the series, Frey discusses the issue of parental incarceration from an international human rights perspective.

HRP and CIC look forward to their continued collaboration in bringing awareness to the impact on children when a parent is incarcerated.