Media Library / Elevator

Instructors: The Language Center offers a collection of over 3,000 foreign language feature films and documentaries, along with instructional audio/video, and authentic printed materials. Many films have been digitized for instructional purposes and are available for online streaming on LC Elevator when the instructor integrates the film into the course Canvas site. That is the only method for undergraduate students to access streaming content through LC Elevator.

Consider copyright 

Please review the Libraries Fair Use resources before you decide to request a new film to be digitized or assign a digitized film to students.

Add new content to Elevator

If you do not find the media you require on LC Elevator, please fill out the LC Elevator Streaming Media Request Form to request digitization from a DVD. Please submit requests at least two weeks before needed for your course. Some restrictions apply. 

Assign media from Elevator

To assign media stored on LC Elevator to your students, use the Canvas Integration, and embed the media directly in your Canvas course page. Undergraduate students do not have direct access to LC Elevator. Embedding the media in Canvas is the only method of assigning this content to undergraduate students.

Problem report form: Please report access and other issues, and someone will get back to you.