Endowed Lectures

Sheppard Lecture

The Sheppard Lecture is an annual medieval art history lecture in honor of the late Carl Sheppard, former professor of medieval European art history here at the University. Begun in 2012 and held every fall, the “Carl Sheppard Memorial Lecture in Medieval Art History” is a scholarly public event.

2021 Sheppard Lecturer (Nov. 11, 7 PM CST)

Elizabeth Morrison, Senior Curator of Manuscripts, J. Paul Getty Museum, "Animal Magnetism: Beasts of the Medieval World." 

Past Speakers

  • 2020: Erik Kwakkel, University of British Columbia, "Everything but the Text: Medieval Book Design as a Historical Source."
  • 2019: Mitchell Merback, Department of Art History, Johns Hopkins University, "You Who Pass by the Way: Recognition and the Mobile Observer in Later Medieval Art."
  • 2018: Cecily Hilsdale, Associate Professor of Art History and Communication Studies at McGill University, "Treasures, Hoards, and the Ends of Medieval Objects."
  • ​2017: Elizabeth Boleman, Chair and Professor of Byzantine Visual Culture, Department of Art History, Art and Art Education, "The White Monastery Federation (Upper Egypt) and the Early Byzantine World: Rethinking Sites of Cultural Production"
  • 2016: Elizabeth Ross, Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Florida, “Mapping Muslim Jerusalem in Late Medieval German Pilgrimage” 
  • 2015: Lawrence Nees, Professor and Chair of Art History, University of Delaware, “A Copper-alloy Plate with Architectural Imagery in Berlin…and Jerusalem?”  
  • 2014: Renata Holod, Professor and Curator in the Near East Section, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania, “On Regimes of Lighting: Vision and Memory in the Great Mosque of Cordoba”
  • 2013: Alison Stones, Professor Emerita, History of Art and Architecture, University of Pittsburgh, "Writing Manuscripts Illuminated in France, 13–14th Centuries.”
  • 2012 Robert Nelson, Robert Lehman Professor, History of Art, Medieval Art and Architecture,"Lords of One Quarter and One Half of the Empire of Romania’: Byzantine Art and State Authority in Venice”

Aris Lecture

The Rutherford Aris Memorial Lecture in Medieval Communication Technologies is an annual lecture organized by CMS in honor of renowned paleography and chemical engineering professor Rutherford “Gus” Aris. The focus of this lecture is “communication technologies” (codicology, paleography, early print culture, diplomatics, numismatics, epigraphy, and the digital study of manuscript culture). This focus offers an intellectual space where Digital Humanities and many of the most exciting projects utilizing the web and digital technologies meet Medieval Studies and scholars of the Middle Ages.

2020 Aris Lecturer

Kathryn Rudy, Professor in the School of Art History, University of St. Andrews. 

Previous Lectures

  • Marina Rustow, Khedouri A. Zilkha Professor of Jewish Civilization in the Near East; Professor of History; Director, Princeton Geniza Lab, Princeton University, "Archives, Paper and the State under the Fatimids" 
  • 2018: Alexandra Gillespie, Chair, Department of English and Drama, University of Toronto, "'Out of olde bokes...al this newe science': Facts, Data, and Manuscript Studies"
  • 2017: Emma Cayley, Head of Modern Languages and Associate Professor of Medieval French, University of Exeter (UK), "Mediating Medieval Materialities: Text, Fabric, Screen."
  • 2016: Lisa Fagin Davis, Executive Director, Medieval Academy of America,“Scattered Leaves: Reconstructing the Beauvais Missal.”
  • 2015: Carmela Vircillo Franklin, Columbia University, Department of Classics, “Damnatio memoriae: A Lost ‘Book of the Popes’ from the Twelfth Century.”
  • 2014: Dr. Columba Stewart, OSB, Hill Museum and Manuscript Library, St. John’s University, “From the Medievals to the Maurists to the Moderns: Benedictines and Manuscript Studies.”
  • 2013: Elaine Treharne, English, Stanford University, “‘True Vision’: Modelling the Medieval Future of Digital Technology.”