2022-2023 Ensemble Auditions Now Open

A choir is being led in rehearsals by Matthew Mehaffey.

It’s easier than ever to participate in a School of Music Ensemble! 2022 virtual auditions for University Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, University Band, and University Symphony Orchestra will require a video submission, due Wednesday, August 31, 2022. Jazz Ensembles, Jazz Combos, and Choral auditions will take place in-person during the first week of classes in September. Course registration for all auditioned ensembles will take place after completion of a successful audition. Find out more information on joining an ensemble here

For a smooth audition process, our audition experts recommend selection of a piece that the musician can play or sing confidently in order to best show off their abilities and talents. A video recording for virtual auditions can simply be done using a smartphone or webcam.

UMN Jazz Ensemble

“The most important thing to remember at an audition is to relax and be yourself,” Director of Jazz Studies Dean Sorenson reflected. “It can be intimidating, but those of us listening really WANT you to succeed and we will do as much as we can to help. Don't hesitate to reach out with questions beforehand. We are looking forward to hearing you!”

Additionally, the School of Music offers several non-auditioned campus bands, orchestras, chorus, and percussion ensembles with many sessions available to fit different schedules.  

Regardless of major, schedule, or ability level, there is a music opportunity for all University of Minnesota students at the School of Music. Please email ensemble@umn.edu with any questions about School of Music Ensembles. A full list of School of Music ensembles with course numbers can be found below. 

Excerpts and further requirements for auditioned ensembles are organized by Instrument. 
Jazz Ensembles & Combos 

Auditioned Ensembles
University Singers (MUS 5240-001)
Women’s Chorus (MUS 3230/5230)
University Wind Ensemble (MUS 3410/5410-001)
Symphonic Band (MUS 3410/5410-002)
University Band (MUS 3400-001)
Jazz Ensemble I (MUS 3340/5340-001) 
Jazz Ensemble II (MUS 3340/5340-002)
Jazz Combo I (MUS 3350-001)
Jazz Combo II (MUS 3350-002)
Jazz Combo III (MUS 3350-003)
University Symphony Orchestra (MUS 3420/5420) 

Non-Auditioned Ensembles
Campus Bands (MUS 3400-002, 003, or 004) 
Gospel Choir (MUS 3380)
Campus Singers (MUS 3200-001, 002, or 003)
Campus Orchestras (MUS 3430-001, 002, or 003) 
World Music Ensemble (MUS 5460-001) 
West African Music Ensemble (MUS 5494)
Javanese Gamelan (MUS 5493) This course is offered spring semester. 

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