Choral Ensembles

Choral rehearsal

University Singers

Directors: Professors Kathy Romey and Matthew Mehaffey (Professor Romey on sabbatical, Fall 2021)

Audition requiredThe University Singers is the flagship choral ensemble of the University of Minnesota. This auditioned ensemble, conducted jointly by Professors Kathy Romey and Matthew Mehaffey, performs both as a large choir and divides into smaller chamber ensembles. Singers explore a variety of classical and global repertoire for mixed chorus from the Renaissance through the 21st century. Concerts, both on and off-campus, include convention presentations, touring, and collaborations with ensembles including the Minnesota Orchestra, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, other college and community choruses, and School of Music ensembles. For more information about University Singers, email Kathy Saltzman Romey at or Matthew Mehaffey at with the subject line "University of Minnesota University Singers". Course Number: MUS 5240-001 (Registration takes place AFTER auditions).

  • University Singers Meeting Times: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 12:45–2:15 pm 

Women's Chorus

Directors: Fall 2021: Shekela Wanyama and Jingqi Zhu / Spring 2022: Professor Kathy Romey (Professor Romey on sabbatical, Fall 2021)

Audition requiredThe University Women’s Chorus presents choral programs of classical, folk, popular, and global repertoire for female and mixed voices. Concerts occur both on and off-campus and include performances at Ted Mann Concert Hall and at area festivals. The choir also collaborates with the Men’s Chorus, community organizations, other collegiate women’s choruses, and various University ensembles. For more information about Women's Chorus, email Kathy Saltzman Romey at with the subject line "University of Minnesota Women's Chorus". Course Number: MUS 3230/5230 (Registration takes place AFTER auditions).

  • Women's Chorus Meeting Times: Mondays and Wednesdays, 3:35–5:05 pm

Men's Chorus

Director: Professor Matthew Mehaffey

Non-auditioned ensemble. The Men’s Chorus services the University and Twin Cities community through performances of glee club, folk, popular, and classical repertoire. Concerts include appearances at University of Minnesota and professional Twin Cities' athletic events, Ted Mann Concert Hall, and Minnesota festivals. The choir collaborates with the Women’s Chorus, community organizations, other collegiate men’s choruses, and University ensembles. For more information about Men's Chorus, email Matthew Mehaffey at with the subject line "University of Minnesota Men's Chorus". If you are interested in singing with the Men's Chorus, sign up for MUS 3200, section 004.

  • Men's Chorus Meeting Times: Mondays and Wednesdays, 3:35–5:05 pm (spring 2022 only)

Gospel Choir

Director: Adrian Davis

Non-auditioned ensemble. Gospel Choir is open to all members of the University community, including students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Throughout the semester, students will perform in choral department concerts, observe and critique musical performances, and demonstrate improved musicianship. The music performed will cover a wide range of musical styles and will help students develop improved vocal skills. Students explore the history of gospel music through experiential/participatory songs, field songs, songs of struggle, Southern, traditional, and contemporary songs. Although no audition is required, all students will be heard privately by the instructor during the first week of class for voice placement in the choir. Additionally, a survey will be taken at the beginning of the semester to assess students' prior musical experiences. Course Number: MUS 3380

  • Gospel Choir Meeting Time: Tuesdays6:00–8:00 pm

Campus Singers

Directors: Matthew Abernathy, Shekela Wanyama, Jingqu Zhu, and Ethan Murphy

Non-auditioned ensemble. Campus Singers Maroon or Gold are open to all members of the University community, including students from all majors, faculty, staff, and alumni. The ensembles explore music of diverse cultures, styles, and periods, and they collaborate in programs with guest artists, the Men’s and Women’s Choruses, and various University ensembles. Returning in Spring 2022, Campus Singers Mosaic is a tremble choir (women's chorus).

Interested in joining a Campus Singers Ensemble? Register for MUS 3200, section 001 or 002. Unsure which Campus Singers Ensemble to join? We recommend selecting the chorus that works best with your course schedule.

Campus Singers Meeting Times:

  • Campus Singers Gold (MUS 3200-001): Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:15–1:15 pm 
  • Campus Singers Maroon (MUS 3200-002): Mondays, 6:00–8:00 pm
  • Campus Singers Mosaic (MUS 3200-003): Wednesdays, 6:00–8:00 pm (Spring semester)

A Capella Groups

There are many a cappella groups on campus. While they are not affiliated with the School of Music, we are happy to refer you to their websites and encourage you to contact the groups to inquire about membership and auditions.  

Learn more about opportunities in the Vocal Arts at the University of Minnesota.