Percussion Ensembles

Percussion Ensemble performance

Percussion Ensemble

Director: Fernando Meza 

Audition Required. The Percussion Ensemble (MUS 5490-001) is dedicated to exposing students to repertoire written for percussion instruments from the 20th century to today. Its purpose is to offer a forum for the preparation and performance of newly written works, for the discussion and application of contemporary techniques in the percussion arena, and for the development of creative and critical-thinking skills in dealing with issues of multiple-percussion set-ups, mallet and instrument choices, and other issues associated with ensembles that are comprised of percussion instruments.

The ensemble is open to percussion majors and non-majors. Contact Professor Fernando Meza at to arrange an audition. Registration happens only AFTER a successful audition.

The Percussion Ensemble aims to:

  • Enhance students' understanding of standard and less common percussion instruments
  • Provide a creative outlet for composition and improvisation
  • Act as a vehicle for musical and cultural exploration
  • Enhance students' understanding of the creative voices in today's compositional arena

West African Music Ensemble

Director: Sowah Mensah 

Non-auditioned ensemble. Hands-on experience in learning to play West African music, one of the great non-western musical traditions that are readily accessible to beginners. Also, insights into function, context, structure, gender roles, politics, instruments, life-cycle rites, genres, musical organizations, traditional musicians, and contemporary popular music. This course is led by Master Drummer Sowah Mensah from Ghana, West Africa, and is open to all students—no musical background needed! Members will have the opportunity to play drums, xylophone, and sing. Register for MUS 5494

  • West African Music Ensemble meeting time: Tuesdays, 3:35 – 5:05 pm

Steel Pan Ensemble 

Non-auditioned ensemble. Next course offering is to be determined. Hands-on experience in learning to play in a steel pan percussion ensemble. No audition or experience is required.