Undergraduate Advising

All current and prospective political science majors and minors are invited to visit the Political Science Undergraduate Advising Office to learn more about our programs. Our undergraduate advisors can help you with course planning for your political science major or minor. We will help you investigate coursework that is appropriate for you whether you are contemplating taking your first course in political science or completing your senior year in the program.

Beyond aiding you in choosing courses for your major or minor, the undergraduate advisors are advocates for our majors and minors and can provide a plethora of resources to help you be successful. We can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have during your college career and offer guidance on:

  • University policies/requirements
  • Internship opportunities
  • Career prospects
  • Learning abroad options
  • Available scholarships

Meet with your advisor at least once a year to ensure you are progressing satisfactorily in your program and are on track to graduate on schedule.

The Political Science Undergraduate Advising Office provides in- person and virtual services. Pay attention to which modality or modalities are available for the appointment time you are interested in, and note which you chose. If the appointment times are not convenient for your schedule, email us at poladvis@umn.edu to discuss alternatives. We want to meet with you!

Ready to Declare?

After May 6, 2024, and until the start of the fall 2024 semester, we will not be offering in-person major declaration sessions. Students should declare via the Canvas course. If you have questions or concerns, contact political science undergraduate advising at poladvis@umn.edu.

There are two ways to declare a major in political science:

Complete the online Major Declaration Module (takes approximately 30-40 minutes to complete). You will need to read through the module, take the module quizzes (score 100%), and complete the Political Science declaration form.
Note: once a major declaration request is submitted, please allow several weeks for the major to appear on your record.


Sign up for an in-person major declaration session with a political science advisor.

Email poladvis@umn.edu with any questions or concerns. After declaring your major, you are welcome to meet with Political Science Advising either in-person in 1414 Social Sciences Building or virtually via a Zoom appointment.

To declare a minor in political science, please submit the online Minor Declaration Request.  

Prospective students can email poladvis@umn.edu to learn more about the major.

We want to support your academic success. If you need assistance, feel free to meet with our advising office. In addition, please use the wonderful Academic Success, Mental Health, YOU@UMN, and Wide Range of Resources pages to help you on your journey.