Study Abroad

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page." 

--Saint Augustine (354-430)

Study, internships, work, or volunteer experiences abroad can greatly enrich a major or minor in political science and your overall college experience. Many students report that study abroad is the highlight of their college careers. We urge you to take advantage of one or more of the hundreds of opportunities available worldwide.

The world is yours to explore. Visit the Learning Abroad Center in 230 Heller Hall and attend one of the regularly scheduled First-Step Meetings to obtain more information about study abroad programs at the U of M. 

When you have found a program you want to participate in, be sure to email our Political Science Undergraduate Advising Office ( with the program name and country. They will be happy to help you identify possible political science courses and assist you with submitting an international transfer course evaluation request to determine how your courses may fulfill your degree requirements. 

The Doug and Ann Englund Scholarship is open to political science majors and is intended to support students participating in a study abroad program or learning experience. Check out the Scholarships & Awards page for more information.

Learning Abroad Center

For more information on learning abroad programs, financial aid, scholarships, application materials and deadlines, please visit the Learning Abroad Center website.

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