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The Department of Political Science offers about 40 different courses each fall and spring semester. A smaller number of courses are also offered during the May term and summer session. Course availability is dependent upon instructor availability and curricular funding.

Our department offers a multitude of classes in the subfields of political theory, international relations, American politics, and comparative government each semester. Students have the option to focus on one or two of these subfields or they may take classes in all four subfields and complete a more general major.  Whatever your area of interest, you will find several courses that match your interests and work well with your class schedule.

Faculty member Kathryn Pearson speaks on the breath of course material taught in political science.

POL Syllabi Bank

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Summer 2020

Course Number Course Title Sections
POL 1001 
American Democracy in a Changing World 
Sections [1]
 POL 1201
Political Ideas 
Sections [1]
POL 3080
Internship in Politics or Government 
Sections [1]
POL 3085 
Quantitative Analysis in Political Science
Sections [1]
POL 3410 
Topics in Comparative Politics -- European Responses to Catastrophes: War to COVID19
Sections [1]
POL 3766 
Political Psychology of Mass Behavior
Sections [1]
POL 3810
Topics in International Relations and Foreign Policy -- The International Relations of COVID19
Sections [1]
POL 3835
International Relations
Sections [1]
POL 4900H
Honors Thesis
Sections [1]
POL 4970
Individual Reading and Research 
Sections [2]
POL 8333
FTE: Master's
Sections [1]
POL 8444 
FTE: Doctoral
Sections [1]
POL 8666 
Doctoral Pre-Thesis Credits
Sections [1]
POL 8888 
Thesis Credit: Doctoral
Sections [1]
POL 8990 
Directed Readings and Research in Political Science
Sections [1]

Fall 2020

There are no POL courses available for Fall 2020.
Please see for more info.

Spring 2021

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
POL 1001American Democracy in a Changing WorldSections [1]
POL 1019Indigenous Peoples in Global PerspectiveSections [1]
POL 1025Global PoliticsSections [1]
POL 1026U.S. Foreign PolicySections [1]
POL 1054Politics Around the WorldSections [1]
POL 1201Political IdeasSections [1]
POL 3065Political Engagement Careers: Planning and Preparing For Your FutureSections [1]
POL 3080Internship in Politics or GovernmentSections [1]
POL 3085Quantitative Analysis in Political ScienceSections [3]
POL 3108HHonors Tutorial: Thesis Preparation and Political Science InquirySections [1]
POL 3235WDemocracy and CitizenshipSections [1]
POL 3251WPower, Virtue, and Vice: Ancient and Early Modern Political TheorySections [1]
POL 3306Presidential Leadership and American DemocracySections [1]
POL 3310Topics in American PoliticsSections [2]
POL 3319Education and the American DreamSections [1]
POL 3321Issues in American Public PolicySections [1]
POL 3409Introduction to Authoritarian PoliticsSections [1]
POL 3464Politics Economic InequalitySections [1]
POL 3475Islamist PoliticsSections [1]
POL 3733From Suffragettes to Senators: Gender, Politics & Policy in the U.S.Sections [1]
POL 3810Topics in International Relations and Foreign PolicySections [1]
POL 3835International RelationsSections [1]
POL 3994Directed Research: Distinguished Undergraduate Research ProgramSections [1]
POL 4315WState Governments: Laboratories of DemocracySections [1]
POL 4461WEuropean Government and PoliticsSections [1]
POL 4474WRussian Politics: From Soviet Empire to Post-Soviet StateSections [1]
POL 4481Comparative Political Economy: Governments and MarketsSections [1]
POL 4492Law and (In)Justice in Latin AmericaSections [1]
POL 4497Patronage & CorruptionSections [1]
POL 4502WThe Supreme Court, Civil Liberties, and Civil RightsSections [1]
POL 4737WAmerican Political PartiesSections [1]
POL 4885WInternational Conflict and SecuritySections [1]
POL 4887Thinking Strategically in International PoliticsSections [1]
POL 4991Political Science CapstoneSections [8]
POL 4993Honors Thesis: Directed StudiesSections [1]
POL 4994Directed Research: IndividualSections [1]