Del Toro Publishes in American Psychologist

Dr. Juan Del Toro, a person with dark, shoulder length hair, and a dark mustache, wearing a blue blazer and white buttoned shirt
Dr. Juan Del Toro

Adolescents may feel their freedoms are restricted in institutional settings when they vicariously experience or witness their peers’ intrusive police encounters. In the American Psychologist publication titled, “The spillover effects of classmates’ police intrusion on adolescents' school-based defiant behaviors: The mediating role of institutional trust,” Dr. Juan Del Toro investigated and found classmates’  police intrusive encounters predicted adolescents’ engagement in more defiant behaviors, and adolescents’ institutional trust plays a mediating role within the relation between classmates’ police intrusion and adolescents’ defiance. 

Juan Del Toro, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota.


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