Del Toro Receives Social Policy Article Publication Award

Dr. Juan Del Toro

Congratulations to Dr. Juan Del Toro for receiving the Social Policy Publication Award from the Society for Research on Adolescents (SRA). This award “recognizes research on adolescence with implications for social policy.” 

Dr. Del Toro is recognized for his publication, “The Policing Paradox: Police Stops Predict Youth’s School Disengagement via Elevated Psychological Distress.” His research examines the contextual and psychosocial processes shaping the link between adolescents’ negative encounters with law enforcement and their relationship with schooling and academic outcomes. Dr. Del Toro takes “multi-method, multidisciplinary, and collaborative approaches” to examine the destructive effects of “unwarranted involvement in the criminal justice system on children’s wellbeing”. He discusses implications that can be used to reduce these interventions. 

Juan Del Toro, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota.


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