Federico: How Political Party Affiliation Impacts Our Perception of Current Events

Headshot of Dr. Chris Federico

Does political party affect views on current events? Dr. Christopher Federico says yes and explains that this is a phenomenon called partisan-motivated reasoning.  In “Minnesota poll: Most feel inflation ‘stress’ but not to same degree,” MPRNews reports that those who identify as Republicans shared more concern over inflation, considering it a major financial stress that will worsen. Those of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party (DFL), responded that they foresee inflation decreasing and as a minor financial stress. Federico told MPRNews that 'partisan-motivated reasoning' can help explain these opposite views. 

“people are motivated  to see the economy as being in better shape when their party is in control and in worse shape when the other party's in control.”

Basically, we perceive current events through the lens of our political affiliation.


Christopher Federico, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Political Science in the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota.

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