Mann Quoted in Star Tribune about Food and Nostalgia


Headshot of Dr. Traci Mann

Tracy Mann, faculty in the Social area, was quoted in a Star Tribune article about classic dishes from a variety of now-closed Twin Cities restaurants that are resurfacing on menus at new venues. The article noted the devastating effects of the pandemic on restaurants, resulting in 90+ closures in 2020 in the Twin Cities alone. Tasting your favorite dishes again can “be transporting,” helping us cope with such loss. Mann stated, “People have very strong memories of tastes and smells…Tasting (or smelling) a familiar food can induce a pretty vivid memory of an earlier time when they had that food….having those foods now may bring back memories of times pre-COVID when sitting in a restaurant and enjoying a meal didn’t feel so fraught with danger.” If you are seeking the comfort of pre-pandemic times, perhaps consider finding it in food.

Composed by Psychology Communication Committee.

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