Reminders for Diet-Related New Year’s Resolutions

Headshot of Dr. Traci Mann

Last year, Bloomberg featured a podcast series: Losing It. Dr. Traci Mann was featured in the episode “Have the Dangers of Extra Pounds Been Exaggerated?” Following the New Year, many of us might have resolutions surrounding our diets. Mann is featured in a recent  Bloomberg article, “A January Guide to Weight Loss,” she reminds us that there is a distinction between health and weight. Mann shares that “...behaving in healthy ways will make you healthier. It just won’t necessarily make you thinner.” What does this mean? Dieting isn’t a great way to lose weight. You should still make healthy food choices, and, above all, exercise regularly. 

Traci Mann, PhD, Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota and director of the Health and Eating Lab

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