Collecting and Acquiring Data

The LATIS Research Development Team assists researchers in developing data collection or survey instruments with a variety of programs, tools, and delivery methods. Contact for more information or to schedule time in the Social and Behavioral Science Laboratory.

Research Programming

Programming and development of data collection tools:

  • Research software, such as z-Tree, PsychoPy, E-Prime, Inquisit, and Qualtrics
  • Custom web- or lab-based applications using Python, Scala, CSS/Javascript, MATLAB, etc.
  • Database design, including schema and query optimization, in mySQL, Postgres, and MSSQL
Social and Behavioral Science Laboratory (SBSL)

Capacity for up to 36 participants at once in a controlled environment computer lab

  • Managed dissemination of data collection programs and merging of data across computers
  • Support for precision timing/display tasks and real-time group interactions
  • Separate waiting and instruction rooms; privacy carrels around all computers
Mixed Methods Data Collection
  • Design consultation for interviews, focus groups, and other methodologies
  • Assistance with scraping and API-based tools for web and social media data collection