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Speech-language-hearing sciences offers undergraduate courses in areas such as physics, biology, physiology, and neuroscience, as well as more specific courses in identifying communication disorders, treating those disorders, and rehabilitation. Our class sizes are small, so there is ample opportunity to interact and work with faculty.

Spring 2020

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
SLHS 1301VThe Physics and Biology of Spoken Language HonorsSections [2]
SLHS 1301WThe Physics and Biology of Spoken LanguageSections [4]
SLHS 1302Rate Your World: Quantifying Judgments of Human BehaviorSections [3]
SLHS 1401Communication Differences and DisordersSections [1]
SLHS 1402The Talking BrainSections [1]
SLHS 3303Language Acquisition and ScienceSections [1]
SLHS 3304PhoneticsSections [1]
SLHS 3306Hearing ScienceSections [1]
SLHS 3401Communication Differences and DisordersSections [1]
SLHS 3402VCapstone Project in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences HonorsSections [1]
SLHS 3402WCapstone Project in Speech-Language-Hearing SciencesSections [1]
SLHS 3555HHonors ThesisSections [10]
SLHS 3994Directed ResearchSections [16]
SLHS 4802Rehabilitative AudiologySections [1]
SLHS 5502Voice and Cleft PalateSections [1]
SLHS 5605Language and Cognitive Disorders in AdultsSections [1]
SLHS 5606Introduction to Augmentative and Alternative CommunicationSections [1]
SLHS 5609Child Language Disorders in Diverse PopulationsSections [1]
SLHS 5804Cochlear ImplantsSections [1]
SLHS 5810Laboratory Module in AudiologySections [2]
SLHS 5820Clinical Research and Practice: Grand RoundsSections [1]
SLHS 5830Clinical Foundations in AudiologySections [1]
SLHS 5993Directed StudySections [16]

Fall 2020

There are no SLHS courses available for Fall 2020.
Please see for more info.