Major & Minor

The Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences offers a BA in speech-language-hearing sciences and an undergraduate minor. The curriculum teaches you about the physical, biological, and behavioral foundations of human communication. Courses within the department focus on processes of normal and disordered hearing, language, speech, and voice.

Speech-language-hearing science (SLHS) is an ideal field of study for you if you are interested in physical, biological, and social sciences. The University of Minnesota is a great place to pursue this major. The faculty is recognized internationally for their research and teaching accomplishments—several have received teaching awards and research achievement awards from the University and national organizations. Because of the faculty’s accomplishments and their quality students, the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences at the University of Minnesota is consistently considered to be among the top programs in the country.

BA in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

The BA in SLHS offers you a broad liberal arts education in an interdisciplinary field of study. The coursework provides a background in human communication, including the production and understanding of speech and language. We often take these complex processes for granted, but a disorder or problem in one of those areas caused by disease, a problem at birth, or aging can have a profound effect on a person’s life. The field of SLHS defines normal and disordered communication and provides the research foundation for the diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders.

Requirements for a BA in SLHS

Prospective students may also find it interesting to view our BA sample course schedule and the 2020-2021 SLHS Undergraduate Handbook.


Minor in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

A minor in SLHS is available for students who wish to include an emphasis on the study of human communication in their undergraduate degree. A minor in SLHS would complement a wide array of majors, including linguistics, music, psychology, computer science, special education, and engineering, among others.

Requirements for a minor in SLHS